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  1. Bauma is BIG

Everyone talks about the scale of Bauma, but it’s difficult to comprehend just how massive the show is until you get there. The Bauma app makes it easier to find your bearings and will direct you step by step to your desired location – just pop in the stand number. It’s a great tool for pre-planning your visit, but be sure to allow enough time to get from A to B. It can take an hour or more to walk from one side of the fair to the other.  Wear comfortable, sensible footwear and pack plasters in your show kit.  We’re considering getting a scooter to help us get around. No, seriously we are. 

SM Scooter anyone?

  1. Bauma is LONG

Anyone familiar with exhibition life will know that Bauma is the equivalent of running a marathon every day for 7 days. It takes a lot of physical and mental stamina to make it to day 7 especially if you factor in evenings spent sampling the Munich nightlife. As your step count rises so will your sleep deprivation so an industrial sized coffee machine & a supply of Berocca is essential – your customers and your colleagues will thank you.

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  1. Accommodation can be tricky

If you’re reading this and you haven’t secured accommodation for Bauma yet – good luck.  With most of the city booking up almost a year in advance hotel rooms and even Air BnBs are thin on the ground and extortionately expensive. If you’re still looking, you may need to stay further out of the city but look for something close to the U2 line and you’ll still have a reasonably easy commute to the show. You may also need to lower your standards and be prepared to sleep on the floor of a student hostel. Happy Hunting!

Forgot to book his Bauma accommodation didn't he?


  1. Transport to and from Bauma is easy

Munich is probably one of the best cities in the world for its public transport network and Bauma have made sure it’s super easy to get to and from the show. For incoming colleagues and visitors, there’s a non-stop shuttle which leaves every 15 minutes from the show ground to the airport and takes just 45 minutes each way. Tickets can be pre-booked online via the Bauma website. For exhibitors, the Bauma shop offers a Season Ticket for the entire Munich Public Transport System for the duration of the show plus one day before. You can pre-purchase before the show and avoid all those irritating ticket queues. By day 5/7 you’ll be grateful for that extra ten minutes in bed and your colleagues will thank you!

  1. Calories don’t count at Bauma

See points 1 & 2. Any over indulgence on pretzel buns or Bratzwursts will be offset by the KMs you clock up during the show and the hours spent on your feet. The Bauma diet is the best on the market and you’ll likely come home a few KGs lighter.  If not, you’ll need the extra calories to keep you going right through until Sunday.

  1. The Weather is USUALLY good

Usually we’re blessed with mild, spring like weather in Munich, but everyone remembers the infamous thunderstorm of 2016. For a few hours, our cosy shipping container became a refuge for customers caught in the rain. Consider this eventuality in your stand design and catering order. Providing food, beer and shelter in bad weather can make for a very captive audience!

We're hoping for sunny skies at Bauma

  1. Munich is FUN

Many associate Munich with Oktoberfest but this city is about much more than just beerhalls. While the famed Hofbrauhaus is definitely worth a visit, there are plenty of cultural delights to enjoy such as the English Gardens, Olympic Park, BMW tour and Nymphenburg Palace. Check out Lonely Planet’s Guide to Munich and try to squeeze in some downtime to enjoy one of Europe’s most exciting cities.


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