Posted by: Aimee McCracken

Where it all began….

For me, life after university had to involve joining an organisation that was progressive, innovative and creative. I wanted to be part of something great. I wanted to learn, develop and reach my full potential.

Most people say that within one minute an employer will know if you are right for a job. For me, within thirty seconds of meeting the Smiley Monroe marketing team at Ulster University’s graduate career fair I knew that I wanted to be a part of their team. Four weeks after that initial encounter at the graduate fair, my adventure at Smiley Monroe began.

For some new graduates, having time off before starting full time work is the dream. However, I wanted to jump right in and join a growing, marketing – driven company where I could put all my skills to the test. I was fully prepared to learn and grow but one month on, Smiley Monroe has completely exceeded any expectations I may have had.

The journey so far….

Arriving at Smiley Monroe on day one was the start of my long and hopefully successful career. Personally, having a job that I love is essential but being able to work with an amazing team is just as important – one that I can look up to for advice and guidance is what generates ideas and a willingness to challenge myself. The Smiley Monroe team were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic when I started and remain as helpful one month on. One of Smiley Monroe’s values is “One big family” and those three words couldn’t describe Smiley Monroe any better.

The sky’s the limit!

Creating marketing collateral myself has always been one of my goals, and when I learnt that my manager was willing to train me in a range of software editing tools has now allowed me to design creative, yet brand sensitive marketing material that seemed out of reach a month ago. If I can manage to learn a new yet challenging skill in a couple of weeks – imagine what I can learn in the next year with a bit of determination, guidance and problem solving!

What’s next?

It’s an exciting time to be part of the growing Smiley Monroe family – with plans to have a physical presence very soon in North America and lots of new and exciting marketing campaigns to get stuck into, like our digital strategy and rolling out our first content calendar across social media and website. These GIANT opportunities are what excite me most. I am nothing but determined to succeed.

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