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With #Hillhead2018 just around the corner and as regular attendees ourselves, we reveal our top hints, facts, tips and tricks that make for an enjoyable Hillhead Show experience! Whether you’re a veteran Hillhead attendee, or if this is your first time, please stop by and chat to us at stand E6 – you’ll also be in for a chance to win a GoPro! (Or be extremely organised and book an appointment with us at Hillhead online!)

1) Pack well…

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Luggage

If you’re taking a flight to get to Hillhead and you’re thinking of saving a few quid by only booking hand luggage? Think again! The Great British weather is notoriously unpredictable, and the little microclimate of Hillhead Quarry is no different. Expect searing hot temperatures, thunderstorms and flash flooding – all in one day. You’ll need to pack; short sleeves, long sleeves, rain coats, wellies, sandals, suncream, scarf, gloves, hats, umbrellas…. you get the idea!

2) Almost as many Northern Irish people flew to watch the Green and White army play in the Euros as travel to Hillhead.* (That’s the Northern Ireland football team for those who aren’t familiar!)

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - NI


3) Exhibiting? Bring a heater

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Heater
If you’re exhibiting, in the (probable) event of a deluge, the presence of a heater has proven to attract twice as many* sodden purchasers and potential customers to your stand than those without. It’s the simple hierarchy of needs; shelter first, conveyor belts second.

4) Exhibiting is thirsty work

In the event of scorching sunshine, the offering of ice cold beer will attract x5 as many thirsty purchasers to your stand than if you only offered coffee. This rises to x10 more purchasers if the beer is locally sourced, of a craft variety and has a hipster label. The statistics are unclear, but it is thought cider and performs equally as well while current thinking surrounding gin suggests it’s just too much of a faff for a quarry.* We’ll have the beers at stand E6!

5) Lead Capture is here!

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Connect

Hillhead have invested in a snazzy new lead capture system ‘Connect’, which can be ordered through the exhibitor portal. Simply download the app to your mobile devices and scan exhibitor badges to capture all details. Hello brave new paperless world. Having all leads and enquiries in the same place, stored electronically makes for a more systematic and seamless follow up which ultimately results in more sales and makes the process smoother for those of you who are the customer!

6) Be offline where possible

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - WiFi
Relying on Wi-Fi or mobile data to run a slick video or presentation could be a mistake. While Wi-Fi is on offer from the organisers, the signal can be a little unreliable and you may find yourself ‘buffering’. Make your content offline where possible to avoid any awkward silences.

7) Wear comfortable footwear

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Footwear
Safety boots are only required during show set up and breakdown, so from Tuesday – Thursday you can be as fashionable with your footwear as your brand guidelines allow. Be warned though, you’ll be on your feet for three days and getting a blister on day one will do nothing for your sparkling sales patter.

8) Food, food and more food

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Food
Your mega step count for the week will be offset nicely by the number of Cornish pasties you’ll inevitably consume. Your food choices will become entirely dependent on the length of the queue at the food truck and your current level of starvation. Having a fridge or coolbox fully stocked with snacks for the team will save a lot of money, time and energy traipsing back and forth. And remember, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

9) Grow your network

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Book Appointment

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great opportunity to meet a lot of people in a short space of time. Have a plan of who you’d like to meet and don’t be afraid to pop them an email beforehand to arrange an appointment. Shows are busy, and you could miss out on seeing that key contact if you’re not proactive. At Smiley Monroe, we’re looking forward to catching up with all our customers at stand E6. To help maximise your time at the show, we’ve even have the option for you to book an appointment online ahead of the show! Remember, if you’re coming to chat to us, you’ll be in for a chance to win a GoPro Hero!

10) Most importantly – enjoy it!

Smiley Monroe at Hillhead 2018 - Enjoy it!

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