Smiley Monroe recently paid a visit to Bord Na Mona’s peat harvesting operation at Derrygreenagh to learn more about how their Zip Clip™ replacement conveyor belts have been used to maximise uptime.

With 3.5 million tonnes of peat to harvest over several thousand acres, the scale of the operation is immense. While the methods of harvesting peat for fuel have evolved with modern machinery, the biggest challenge in the process remains the same – the weather. Bord Na Mona requires three consecutive dry days for the peat to be dry enough to harvest – that’s why a six-week harvest schedule can be drawn out over 3 to 4 months during the unpredictable Irish summer.  With such a tight window of opportunity, minimising the impact of harvester breakdowns is essential. Donal Scally, Area Leader of Bord Na Mona’s Derrygreenagh Operation explained that the primary cause of conveyor belt failure is ancient bogwood, dredged up from deep within the bog: “Each harvester has two revolving conveyor belts, lifting peat and moving it into stockpiles. Both belts need to be working perfectly for the harvester to run. Because we work on such a tight schedule, maximising uptime and productivity in those short weather windows is key. Smiley Monroe Zip Clip™ belts come ready-to-fit and they’re easy to fit, meaning we can quickly replace damaged belts on any of our 134 harvesting machines and get back up and running in the shortest time possible.”

Nikolay Sezonov manages Bord Na Mona’s vast inventory of spare parts and maintenance of the largest tractor and excavator fleet in Europe: “Smiley Monroe are the obvious supplier choice when you talk about product quality, engineering support and competitive pricing. We keep a Zip Clip™ replacement belt in stock at each of our sites, which arrives pre-clipped and cut to size for our requirements – reducing turnaround time in the case of a breakdown. We’ve become great commercial partners with Smiley Monroe in the last few years, mainly thanks to the increase in harvester uptime which the Zip Clip™ belt affords.”

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