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Meet the CONEXPO Show Team!

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Chris Monroe – Global Sales Director (All week)

Chris is a man on a mission. With a background in corporate law, Chris oversaw our significant export sales growth, before putting his governance skills to good use by stepping up to lead the team into an exciting new era. Since going public at CONEXPO 2017 on our commitment to having a presence in North America, Chris has been instrumental in establishing Smiley Monroe Inc – our first operation in the USA. Grab a coffee with Chris to learn more about how The Giants of Belting landed in the US and how he’s enjoying being a new dad!


Morgan Walker – Plant Manager, Smiley Monroe Inc (All week)

Morgan ‘Man about Machines’ Walker has travelled the globe armed only with his technical ability, hands on approach and willingness to help, providing product support to both our sales team and customers. This makes our young, rock solid giant of belting the perfect pioneer to lead and mentor our new team in Kentucky. So why not make a date with Morgan at CONEXPO to hear about our plans for North America, driven by our Hi5 Value ‘Close to Our Customers?’.


Ryan Wright – International Sales Manager (All week)

Ryan cut his teeth in Northern Ireland, before taking on North America – so these days he’ll be a familiar face to our OEM customers in Tyrone and Tennessee. He’s clocked up some serious air miles over the last few years and is on first name terms with Hertz (other car hire companies are available). He insists his new role isn’t as glamorous as it sounds (think James Bond with a protein shake). Catch him if you can at CONEXPO!


Chris Jones – Head of Product Support (All week)

What Chris ‘Jonesy’ Jones doesn’t know about troubleshooting and conveyor belts really isn’t worth knowing. A customer in our recent survey told us ‘Chris is unreal, first class every time.’ His sense of humour and now legendary stories make him a great man to have by your side, whether you’re in Dungannon, Düsseldorf, Kolkata or Kentucky. Be sure to ask him how his memoirs are coming along.. ‘My Life of Splice – Tall Tales from a Giant of Belting’  Suggestions welcome!


Alicia McCann – Europe Sales Manager (All week)

Alicia is blazing a trail in our mobile equipment world, having taken on the role of Europe Sales Manager. Getting on a plane or under a screen deck is all in days work for this First Lady of conveyor belts who’s really going places – and for one week only that place is Las Vegas. In our recent survey, a customer told us that Alicia always reacts well when they are caught out. Catch up with her on our booth at CONEXPO.


Dave Mullan – Northern Ireland Sales Manager (All week)

Let’s not beat around the bush, Dave is an actual giant of belting, a towering presence at well over six feet tall. He knows Ireland and the end user landscape like the back of his hand, having long ago lost count how many miles he’s covered over the years. Dave heads up our customer accounts in Northern Ireland, where he’s continuing our long tradition of building trusting relationships with our customers. A student of human behaviour in his university days, we’re glad to say that Dave’s degree in psychology is still being put to good use.


Jeremy Cross – Great Britain Sales Manager (Thur – Sat)

Jeremy is a bona fide Smiley Monroe legend, with over 30 years’ experience under his belt – which includes almost a decade managing the North America market. He also happens to be one of the world’s nicest guys. Calm and collected, Jeremy has the values ‘Close to Our Customers’ and ‘Problem Solvers’ in his DNA, and this is your chance to ask him everything you always wanted to know about subjects such as spillage, but were afraid to ask!


Tim Monroe – Marketing Director (All week)

Tim is the mastermind behind Smiley Monroe’s GIANT marketing campaigns. His former career in the art direction mixed with over 10 years marketing experience with Smiley Monroe makes him the perfect person to put on a Las Vegas worthy trade show experience at Conexpo. Call in to meet our real ‘Giant of Belting’ and chat to Tim about all things marketing.


Georgia Kennedy – Marketing Executive (All week)

This is Georgia’s first CONEXPO, hot on the heels of her first Bauma, and she’s spent months planning and coordinating everything from belt samples and baseball caps to magazine ads and electricity drops! You’ll find her at North America’s largest construction trade show, ensuring with her customary unflappability that our booth runs like clockwork. Georgia is a hot chocolate connoisseur, but don’t worry, we will have cold beverages at Café Loopers on the stand!


Aimee McCracken – Dispatch Manager (All week)

Aimee’s first week with Smiley Monroe in 2017 actually ended with a trip to Conexpo (how was this 3 years ago?). Aimee has spent over 2 years in our marketing department before moving onto a more operational role within Smiley Monroe. #SafePlaceToWork and #CloseToOurCustomers are two values that she represents on a daily basis. Hi vis jackets and safety shoes are her new go to outfit! We’re so glad that Aimee is coming out to Las Vegas to help us keep the show on the road! Catch up with her on our booth at CONEXPO.

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