How do you know when a new start matches your company values?

Phil Jones

How do you know when a new start matches your company's values? When marketing asks them to do a blog and they say YES! 😉 

Introducing Rachael Lockhart, Smiley Monroe’s new Product Development Manager. Rachael will play a key role in our journey toward a smart, sustainable future.  We caught up with Rachael to find out how her first few months have been at SM and what she’s excited about in her new role. 

Welcome, Rachael!  

What have your first few months been like at Smiley Monroe?  

It’s been a really interesting few months seeing where our belts are used, meeting our customers, and experiencing how each of our departments works closely together to bring our products to life. Plans are already in place to develop our products even further for the next generation of smart and sustainable options. 

How did you know this was the career path for you?  

I got involved in engineering competitions at a young age which showed me a world of opportunities where you could engineer a solution to so many problems. I sought out opportunities to learn more, my first job as a teenager was in composite materials research. Those experiences and many more confirmed that studying Product Design Engineering was the path for me. This gave me the skills to have a career designing and developing a wide range of products.  

What part of your role excites you the most?  

I’m most excited about supporting Smiley Monroe’s growth for a smart and sustainable future. I plan to develop our product range even further to give our customers new market-leading solutions that will minimize downtime and support sustainability. 

What advice would you give to a person wanting to pursue a career in Product Development? 

Take the opportunity to learn from everyone involved in the development process, especially the production team, and involve them in the early stages. Always be considerate when you design, make use of lean methodologies, and remember to think about how it will be made. Pay attention to the details and what your customer needs.  

How do you know when a new start matches your company values?

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