Success at CII EXCON India 2023!

Aimee McCracken

The sun has set on CII EXCON 2023! ☀️

The final whistles have been blown and the cacophony of car horns is falling silent as we bid farewell to the beautiful Garden City of Bengaluru and the 12th edition of “South Asia’s biggest machinery fest”, in the words of Shrikant Rao, writing in Construction Business Today magazine.

This year’s theme was ‘Building India's Tomorrow'. India’s vision today is a $5 trillion economy by 2025 - the world’s 5th largest - and according to Jayanthi Narayan, CBT Editor, the country’s focus on “bolstering its infrastructure has become a driving force for economic growth…while green and sustainable energy emerges as the guiding path…towards a low-carbon economy.”

After a very busy, but intensely rewarding week of catching up with customers, engaging with the industry and exploring new opportunities, we can safely say that the future looks bright for India and Smiley Monroe (India).

Thank you to everyone who visited us in Hall 3 this week - you made this our most positive Excon yet 🙌 We promise to continue going the extra mile for you and to continue to make progress on our road to #netzero2050 and our wider sustainability strategy 🌍

How far will Excon 2023 have moved the dial for a construction equipment sector that aimes to be the world’s second largest by 2030?

Coincidentally, COP 28, the United Nations 🇺🇳 Climate Change Conference - in which India actively participated - concluded in Dubai on the opening day of Excon, with an Agreement that signals the “Beginning of the End” of the Fossil Fuel Era, which aims to keep the global temperature limit of 1.5°C within reach. “Now all governments and businesses need to turn these pledges into real-economy outcomes, without delay” said UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell in his closing speech.

Imagine if India decided to have the greenest equipment sector by 2030? Or be the world’s greenest nation? We’ll see you all again in 2 years, when maybe the theme of #Excon2025 will seize the opportunity to signal the sector’s sustainable intent and impact 🏗️ 🌱

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🎥 Shoutout to Gaurav Sharma at EXPOMAN for building us our Excon home for the week with the wow factor! And to new and existing media partners Construction Business Today Construction Times Magazine Equipment Times Next Generation Construction (AA Media) for all the video interviews and helping us with the all-important post-show buzz 🐝 📰 🙏

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