One of the Smiley Monroe company values is #OneBigFamily – this was certainly the case for me right from day 1!

Starting a new job is always a nerve wrecking experience but starting a new job where your 1st week is spent in the middle of a quarry during one of the hottest weeks in the UK, takes it to a whole new level.

Hillhead was certainly an amazing opportunity for me. I got to get to know some of my colleagues, learn about our products, oversee some product demonstrations and meet some of our lovely customers – all of which you wouldn’t experience in the office.

For me, as part of the sales team being close to our customers and working hard to build “customer intimacy” is paramount.

One of the highlights of my role is that I am lucky enough to travel across Europe to set up meetings with current and potential customers helping us stay #CloseToOurCustomers.

As a newbie to Smiley Monroe, this will be my 1st Bauma and I am really looking forward to it. I can’t wait to meet our customers face – to – face and work with our team to promote our product range including our Zip Clip® belt which reduces machine downtime as well as our ToughFlex® belt which is suitable for heavy duty applications.

This is our 40th year as the “Giants of Belting” – be sure to stop by, say hello and help us celebrate.