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Our new generation of high density polyethylene (HDPE) roller is designed for the toughest applications.

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Our new generation of high density polyethylene (HDPE) roller is designed for the toughest applications. Due to it’s strengthened frame construction, King Roller™ can replace heavy duty steel rollers. King Roller’s self-cleaning surface greatly reduces the risk of buildup from carryback material - the main cause of belt tracking problems, material spillage, premature wear and failure of steel rollers.

In today’s world of ever-rising energy costs, King Roller’s lightweight yet robust design can help reduce belt tensions and power requirements - to keep your running costs down.


  • Patented roller design - tough, abrasion-resistant HDPE strengthened frame for heavy loads
  • Self-cleaning (anti-static) surface - reduces buildup on roller face, for low maintenance & improve belt tracking
  • Longer life - less downtime: anti-corrosive HDPE & highly dust and waterproof triple labyrinth seal, means King Roller™ is ideal for use in dusty, humid, alkaline & acidic environments, as it won’t rust and moisture cannot reach its bearings
  • Damage free - no rusted or sharp rotating edges to cut your belt, especially during high-speed operation
  • Energy saving - up to 60% lighter than a steel roller, which means reduced belt tensions & up to 14% lower power consumption; silent running reduces noise pollution & HDPE roller tube can be recycled
  • Overband Magnets - King Roller’s polymer construction is unaffected by overband magnets
  • Health & Safety - reduced risk of injury: lighter, safer and easier-to-fit & maintain (especially in difficult access and on long or suspended conveyors)

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