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Chevron Conveyor Belts Chevron Conveyor Belts

Choose from our wide range of chevron conveyor belt patterns, designed to suit your application.

Smiley Monroe’s multi-ply Chevron belts are designed for space-saving, inclined conveying, where they deliver increased capacity when carrying bulk materials, such as crushed rock, recycling and demolition materials, sand and wood chip. Chevron belts can also be used to prevent material rollback and spillage for more efficient, cleaner conveying.

We stock a wide range of base belt and chevron pattern options to suit a variety of machine applications,

Smiley Monroe chevron conveyor belts are available in ToughFlex®, Ripstop and Fabric Breaker for your toughest conveying applications.

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Can be supplied as rolls, Endless belts, Prepared belts (Ready to splice), Cut length belts (Ready to prepare) and Zip Clip® replacement belts

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Wide range of base belt options available

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Used to prevent rollback and material spillage


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Hot vulcanized V splice for superior joint strength

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Choose from a wide range of stock chevron patterns

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Manufactured to DIN 22101 Standard

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12 month or 1000 hours warranty

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