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Customised Cleated Belts Customised Cleated Belts

Customised cleated belts for a range of applications

At Smiley Monroe we work closely with our customers to design customised conveyor belts for a wide range of machines and applications including magnet belts. Customers can choose from our stock range of side rails and cross-cleats or work with our engineers to design a custom solution for your application.

To ensure maximum conveying efficiency and belt service life, Smiley Monroe cleats are hot moulded to the belt's carrying surface making the cleats an integral part of the conveyor belt. This process offers superior adhesion compared to cold bonding and prevents against common issues with cleats coming away from the conveyor belt over time.

Smiley Monroe cleats are also reinforced with a fabric ply, making them as strong as the base conveyor belt allowing our cleated belts to withstand high speed and harsh applications.

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Cleats and side rails are hot moulded to the top cover reducing the risk of cleats ripping away from the conveyor belt

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Cleats are reinforced with a fabric ply for superior wear life in harsh or fast applications

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Available in a range of base belt options including ToughFlex®

Why Smiley Monroe Cleated Belts?

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Hot moulded cleats for superior adhesion compared to cold bonding

Tick - Customised Cleated Belts

Cleats reinforced with a fabric ply for increased strength and wear resistance

Tick - Customised Cleated Belts

Manufactured to DIN 22102 and routinely quality-tested in our in house belt testing lab

Tick - Customised Cleated Belts

Chevrons, cross cleats and/or siderail

Tick - Customised Cleated Belts

Stock siderail heights 15mm or 25mm
Stock cross-cleat thicknesses 10mm, 15mm, 20mm


Crushing, Screening & Recycling, Demolition & Road Construction, Environmental, Bulk Material Handling

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