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It’s been a milestone year for the Giants of Belting with strong customer forecasts and expansion into new markets leading to record sales figures in the first half of 2018. With turnover up 25% in 2017 and a similar increase expected in 2018, the company’s position is strong as they approach their 40th year in business. With increased demand for their core products Endless Belts and Custom Cut Parts, production schedules are busier than ever resulting in the company doubling their belt output to almost 700 belts a week.  The team has grown too with 40 new starts in the past 12 months strengthening all departments including production, supply chain, sales and marketing.

It’s Smiley Monroe’s culture and core values which Global Sales Director Chris Monroe, cites as the key to Smiley Monroe’s success. After a series of workshops and corporate soul searching, the company uncovered five values which were inherent within Smiley Monroe and set them apart from the competition.

‘Safe Place to Work, Close to Our Customers, One Big Family, Problem Solvers and Determined to Succeed really defines what’s important to us as a company. We didn’t want to come up with a set values which we aspire to – instead we looked at the culture that already exists within Smiley Monroe and refined it down to the Hi5 campaign’ explains Chris, ‘I see these values being demonstrated daily and undoubtedly, they’ve played a huge part in our success as a company. We work together as a family to stay close to our customers and encourage innovation and problem solving to improve our products in line with the customers’ need. Physical and mental health & safety is fundamental to a happy and productive workforce and our determination to succeed as a team, drives us forward every day to achieve these record-breaking milestones.”

The company officially launched their ‘Hi5’ values at a surprise, employee-only event at the iconic Titanic Belfast last month. The values were put to the test, with interactive Escape Room and Spy School games bringing determination and problem-solving skills to the fore.  To officially launch the Hi5 campaign, several employees took centre stage and spoke about what the values mean to them in their working day. This was supported by a series of short videos which will be previewed on social media in the coming weeks to launch the campaign to the public.

Keen to build on the momentum of the launch, the Hi5 values will influence all areas within Smiley Monroe including induction, recruitment and the company’s reward and recognition scheme. Every quarter employees will nominate their ‘Hi5 Hero’ – a colleague who has demonstrated the values in an exemplary way.  The chosen Hero will be rewarded with a certificate and a treat to enjoy such as a gift voucher or a night away.

With customer forecasts expected to increase further over the coming months and with plans in the pipeline to have a physical presence in North America, the future is looking bright for Smiley Monroe. Armed with a robust set of values the company is certainly in its best position to take on these new challenges and continue their record-breaking success.

Some of the SM team at the Hi5 launch event!













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