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What better way to do our final one week countdown to AWRE than answering 4 questions about Smiley Monroe’s experience and relationship with Australia and the Waste and Recycling sector.


Why do you think Northern Ireland is such a hub for shredding, crushing, and washing equipment manufacturing?

You could also add screening equipment to that list of equipment! Northern Ireland has a very proud engineering heritage, most famously in shipbuilding. Maybe it’s down to a combination of a strong work ethic, competitive spirit, and the need to export, because our domestic market is so small. Farms, quarries and sand and gravel pits in Northern Ireland aren’t wide open spaces like in other parts of the world, so perhaps the solution to saving space and negotiating difficult terrain was equipment that is compact, adaptable and mobile.


How do you see that market expanding in coming years and what role will Smiley Monroe play in that expansion?

It’s important for us to understand that every market is different, with its own unique economic and environmental drivers, and as we’ve seen this year with the pandemic, it’s difficult for the industry to look too far ahead. But having been a supplier to the Australian market for many years, Smiley Monroe is well placed to serve the expanding Australian waste and recycling sector with high quality, competitively priced, heavy duty and cleated conveyor belting. Smiley Monroe, like many forward-thinking Northern Irish businesses, is committed to the so-called green sector, and along with other environmental initiatives, we’ve implemented a clean energy transition, resulting in our full Northern Ireland operation being powered purely by renewable energy generated by wind turbines across Northern Ireland.


What makes Smiley Monroe’s equipment unique and what advantages will it bring to the Australian market? 

What makes Smiley Monroe unique is scale. As the global leader in the production of endless conveyor belts for the mobile equipment sector, our high volume purchasing allows us to supply rolls of conveyor belting in a wide range of chevron patterns at very competitive prices, with complete quality assurance from a conveyor belt brand trusted around the world. Add to that our core values of being problem solvers and close to our customers, and this is how we add value and create unique advantages for distributors and resellers in the Australian market. This is what we mean by ‘Giants of Belting’.


What could Australia learn from Northern Ireland’s waste and recycling equipment sector?

This is really a question for our customers, the original equipment manufacturers of waste and recycling equipment. But from a supply chain point of view, we understand that being a valued partner to our customers in the waste and recycling sector – both equipment manufacturers and material recovery facilities – means providing not only technical backup and applications expertise, but also bringing innovation.


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