• Up to 50% noise reduction compared to steel rollers
    Irish Salt Mines recorded a 50% noise reduction in their tunnel conveyor after replacing steel return and trough rollers with SM King Rollers
  • Energy Reduction = Lower Cost per Tonne
    King Rollers are up to 60% lighter than steel rollers, reducing conveyor weight, belt tension and machine running costs.
  • Longer Life
    King Roller’s™ waterproof triple labyrinth seal, means King Roller™ is ideal for use in dusty, humid, alkaline & acidic environments, as it won’t rust and moisture cannot reach its bearings
  • Maximise Uptime, Reduce Maintenance King Roller™’s self cleaning anti-static surface greatly reduces the risk of material build up the main cause of tracking problems, premature belt wear and failure of steel rollers.

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