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The Energy-Saving Polymer Roller

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Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers

Save up to 14% on energy costs by switching to Polymer Rollers.

Our high density polyethylene (HDPE) roller is designed for the toughest applications. Due to it’s strengthened frame construction, Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers are a direct replacement for traditional steel rollers.

The self-cleaning, anti-static surface greatly reduces the risk of buildup from carryback material - the main cause of belt tracking problems, material spillage, premature wear and failure of steel rollers.

At up to 60% lighter than traditional steel rollers, Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers are proven to reduce conveyor power consumption by 14%, reducing machine running costs.

Lightweight and damage-free Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers are both safer and easier to fit than steel rollers and result in reduced maintenance costs, noise pollution and conveyor downtime.

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Energy saving
Up to 60% lighter than a steel roller, which means reduced belt tensions & up to 14% lower power consumptions.

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Reduced Noise Pollution
Silent running means reduced noise pollution compared to steel rollers.

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Safer, faster installation
Lightweight for easier transportation and safer, faster installation on site.

Why Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers?

Tick - Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers

Low maintenance, improved performance & Recyclable

Tick - Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers

Made from anti-corrosive HDPE with a highly dust resistant and waterproof triple labyrinth seal, Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers are ideal for use in dusty, humid, alkaline & acidic environments as rust and moisture cannot reach its bearings

Tick - Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers

Self-cleaning (anti-static) surface reduces material buildup on roller face for low maintenance & improved belt tracking

Tick - Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers

Patented roller design
Tough, abrasion-resistant HDPE strengthened frame for heavy loads


Mobile Plant, Telescopic Conveyors, Port Material Handling, Mining, Recycling & Waste Management, Agriculture, Quarrying

Return Rollers

mm 89 102 108 114 127 133 140 152 159 165

Trough Rollers

mm 89 102 108 114 127 133 140 152 159 165
Inches 3.5" 4" 5" 6" 6.5"

Bearing Sizes

Available bearing sizes:
mm 20 25 30 35 40

Energy-Saving Polymer Roller Datasheet

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