Polymer Conveyor Rollers

The Energy-Saving Polymer Roller

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Energy-Saving Polymer Rollers

Save up to 14% on energy costs by switching to Polymer Rollers.

Our high density polyethylene (HDPE) roller is designed for the toughest applications. Due to it’s strengthened frame construction, Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers are a direct replacement for traditional steel rollers.

The self-cleaning, anti-static surface greatly reduces the risk of buildup from carryback material - the main cause of belt tracking problems, material spillage, premature wear and failure of steel rollers. In today’s world of ever-rising energy costs, Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers' lightweight yet robust design can help reduce belt tensions and power requirements keeping your running costs down.

Lightweight and damage-free Smiley Monroe Polymer Rollers are both safer and easier to fit than steel rollers and result in reduced maintenance costs, noise pollution and conveyor downtime.

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