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ToughFlex® Belts ToughFlex® Belts

ToughFlex® has been designed to handle the toughest conveying applications, from wood processing to mobile crushing.

ToughFlex® is constructed with a special weave of 2 fabric plies and an additional binder warp (without the need for steel wire) resulting in reduced belt weight, enabling ToughFlex® to perform well on small to medium size pulleys.

The plies are reinforced to resist puncturing and are protected with heavy duty wear resistant top and bottom covers. ToughFlex® can be easily hot spliced to offer the perfect all round solution for extreme conveying. At the end of it's lifespan, ToughFlex® belts can be easily recycled unlike belts reinforced with a metal ply.

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Superior cut, impact and wear resistant covers

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Reinforced plies to resist puncturing

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Performs well on small to medium sized pulleys

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Excellent troughability

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Extended belt life
ToughFlex® outlasts standard multiply belts

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Can be easily recycled


Smiley Monroe ToughFlex® belts are highly recommended for use in Impact Crusher applications


Abrasion Resistance (mm2) TensileStrength (N/mm2) Ply Top/Bottom covers (mm) Stock Widths (mm)
A120 Epp630 2 9 + 3 900/1000/1050/1200/1300/1400/1500
A60 Epp630 2 6 + 3 1000/1100/1400
A60 Epp400 2 4 + 2.5 500/650/800/1000

ToughFlex® A60 offers optimum wear resistance for the most abrasive materials

Conveyor Belt Selection Chart

ToughFlex® Ripstop Fabric Breaker
Wear Resistance Excellent Good Good
Impact Resistance Excellent Good Good
Rip Resistance Excellent Excellent Good
Puncture Resistance Excellent Good Good
Cut Resistance Excellent Good Good
Small pulley diameters Excellent Good Good
Troughability Excellent Good Good

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