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Maximizing Conveyor Uptime

Join us for a FREE webinar with lots of added value for anyone whose job involves conveyor belts. Hosted on Microsoft Teams and presented by two Smiley Monroe conveyor belt heroes, who between them have over 50 years of hands-on, problem solving experience.

Simply choose which of the 45 minute sessions suits you best – morning or afternoon – and register now to secure your virtual front row seat at the first in a series of virtual educational events, designed with productivity in mind.

Who should attend in the mobile equipment world?

  • OEMs/dealers, end users, conveyor belt distributors/resellers & service companies
  • Conveyor/machine operators
  • Belt maintenance teams
  • Fleet rental managers
  • Conveyor design / Quality engineers
  • Category purchasers / Sourcing engineers
  • Aftermarket sales/service personnel


What you’ll learn!

  1. You’ll learn what a Zip Clip® replacement belt is.
  2. How Zip Clip® belts are maximizing uptime in applications as diverse as crushing, recycling & demolition and tree shredding.
  3. Why Zip Clip® belts are so easy & fast to install.
What’s more, you’ll be able to post questions during the session, which our presenters are looking forward to answering in the Q&A.

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Our Speakers

Chris Jones

Head of Operations & Product Support

What Chris ‘Jonesy’ Jones doesn’t know about troubleshooting and conveyor belts really isn’t worth knowing. A customer in our recent survey told us ‘Chris is unreal, first class every time.’ His sense of humour and now legendary stories make him a great man to have by your side, whether you’re in Ireland, India, Kentucky or further afield.

Jeremy Cross

Great Britain Sales Manager

Jeremy is a Smiley Monroe legend, with over 30 years’ experience under his belt – which includes almost a decade managing the North America market. He also happens to be one of the world’s nicest guys. Calm and collected, Jeremy has the values ‘Close to Our Customers’ and ‘Problem Solvers’ in his DNA, and this is your chance to ask him everything you always wanted to know about Zip Clip® belts.

Zip Clip®
Replacement Belts

Originally designed to maximize uptime for mobile processing equipment operating in remote locations, our problem solving Zip Clip® Replacement Belt has been taking the industry by storm since its launch in 2015.

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